Seven Decades of Family Business

South side of Chicago … 1948.  This was the year that it all began. My grandfather was an Italian immigrant who was making a life for himself and his family here in the United States. That year, Primo Tremaroli (Gramps) quit work at a steel mill in Chicago.  He bought some land and he and Benny (Dad – then age 15) built and opened a barbershop.  Together, they ran that barbershop for over 20 years.  Gramps grew that business into a 6 chair shop and helped my Dad open a 10 chair beauty shop next door.  They called it “His and Hers”.

In 1970, they wanted out of Chicago.  They took another risk.  They sold their businesses and moved to Colorado Springs.  Here they opened a barber shop on the west side and the business grew.  They kept that barbershop in operation in that location until 1978.

In 1977, Dad had enough of the landlord and decided again to buy some land and build a building.  It was completed in 1978 and the grand opening of our new shop was a huge success.  As Ben’s son, I (Mike) joined the business in 1981 … and the business continued to grow.

Since then, we have seen many changes in the business.  And our loyal client base (which spans several generations) have seen many changes as well.  Some things haven’t changed though.  We’re still the same family that takes pride in our business, we still offer  outstanding professional services from an experienced staff at a very competitive price, and you’ll always receive a welcoming smile from our staff members.

Aristocuts Family Hair Salon Welcomes You

This family owned business has been around for 70 years for a reason. We focus on quality and strive to always be a cut above the rest. At Aristocuts, we only use high-quality hair care products during your appointments. We also make sure that our clients leave their appointment feeling like they had a relaxing and enjoyable experience with us, and got the results they wanted.

If you’ve never been here before, we want to invite you to give us a try.  If you have been here before, but it has been a while- we hope you’ll come back again and see what’s new here at Aristocuts.  If you are currently a client of ours, we sincerely appreciate your business and will strive to continue to make you a happy client.